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Killer B Kids

Killer B Combat Sports for Kids - Martial Arts & Fitness for 6th thru 9th grades

Kids working together to achieve results!

Every child trained is 1 more child that has a chance to: combat bullying, learn to appreciate the process of learning plus achieving goals, improved physical condition, exposure to a community of high achievers, plus much more… 

Killer B Combat Sports Academy, since 1998, has serviced the Ocean Township community and its surrounding towns. We have achieved tremendous success with youth of all ages and backgrounds. We have had multiple members come in with no experience and personal challenges, that have grown into World Champions in various sports. Most important of all is our 100% success rate in graduating High School and most moving on to achieve advanced degrees.

Our programs emphasize disciplined efforts to achieve goals. This is why we achieve such high success rates with our students beyond Martial Arts. Killer B is a supportive community that helps children find the strength within to tackle the issues all adolescents face year in and year out.

Lastly, we have found that most of the problems we face with youth is a lack of confidence due to their surroundings. Having Killer B to challenge them and achieve success on the mat gives them the confidence to do the right thing that much more in life. No matter what they face off the mat, the online and offline negativity that stops children from even trying to find success, training helps keep children moving forward and trying.

Class Schedule:

Tue & Thu 5 to 6 pm

Sat 9 to 10 am