Micky D

Micky D - In a safe, team, we-got-your-back, environment... you will be pushed beyond your own goals, hopes, dreams.  This not an exaggeration.  Killer B is the spot to achieve "the next level"... and that is NOT salesmanship.

No matter if you have hopes as a fighter,, or want to get in the best shape of your life...  No matter your age, gender, fitness level... no matter how long you haven't entered a gym...  The coaches/trainers at Killer B, will see in you what you may not see in yourself.  This is not posh.  It is not "wow".  This is old-school, hard earned, nose-to-the-grindstone coaching.

This morning I trained with one other Killer B team member, in a ring... with a professional fighter as a coach.  Imagine the jump in your skill level, training with a professional fighter, who sees more in you, than you see in yourself.

STOP thinking... DO.  

Strength and conditioning is not bells and whistles.  K B is not cutting edge technology.  It IS, no excuses, real, authentic... and will make stone of a bod that may have been sedentary for years... all in a vibe of Friendship, and camaraderie, brother/sisterhood.


It's the greatest gift you will ever give your self,, and those  you Love most.

PS ~  I am a middle aged Dude... SO thankful that I found Killer B.