DeAnna Bennett makes it to finals of Invicta FC Phoenix Rising 2

Kansas City, KS - DeAnna Bennet took on the Invicta Tournament format. All I can say is, that was one crazy event! Most fights you have weeks to break down your opponent and train with a very specific idea of what is going to go down. This tournament was a random draw for 1st and 2nd round match ups. This ensured that the only point you knew exactly who you were facing was going into the finals.

The only option for this camp was to make sure you are ready for everything and DeAnna clearly was. Liz Tracy was the 1st fight. DeAnna won a clear decision by taking her opponent down after landing the better strikes on the feet.

After a short break between fights. The 2nd round was drawn and we ran from the draw to the cage to face the 2nd opponent of the night. DeAnna won her 2nd fight by submission, her 1st since 2014!

The finals was a rematch with Miranda Maverick, whom D beat previously. This was a tough fight because DeAnna’s body was struggling to stay together after a grueling night of fights. DeAnna’s shoulder was done going into the finals and she had a hard tie defending on her left side which left her open for a takedown and back-take which lead to a submission loss.

DeAnna did not win the tournament but she had a great night of fights where she was able to show the weight class she is still a contender.

Brian M WrightComment