Class or Program - what is the difference?

Training can be something you pay a fee to have access to, or it can be a program that provides not simply access but a plan, instruction, and support. You can pay a small fee and be a number at a gym where you do your own thing or, you can pay a little bit more and become a member of a team with a purpose and a goal.

Killer B does not provide classes to train. We provide programs to achieve goals.

Some people come with the aspiration to be a professional athlete. Most come with no aspirations to compete but need connection to something greater than pounding pavement or lifting things up and putting them down. Working out became a chore, or their fitness became an issue. A lack of connection to people that live with a purpose, or a loss of connection with one’s inner strength… there are so many reasons people come to train and they are all valid.

Group training in a program solves so many issues. Having a leader show the way while becoming a leader, increasing one’s fitness, learning how to control one’s body and mind, and developing skills that have a practical application all add up to a better, stronger person.

There is not much in life designed to build us up. Most things are there to make us consumers of things to dull the ache of becoming mediocre. I am not trying to be dark or use scare tactics with this view. It is real what surrounds us. More people are looking to justify mediocrity than to pick themselves up and make progress. We have a daily choice - fight to be better or fight to accept mediocrity?

If you are sick of mediocrity, come join the team and fight with us to be better each day. The Killer B way will challenge you, it will change you, and it will be something you can thank yourself for.

Killer B Combat Sports Academy

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