Why is Fitness at Killer B different?

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Not all Fitness programs are the same. Not a single one is the same as another. What makes each different is what makes them also work or not work depending on the person. Your success is going to depend as much on the culture of your gym as your training methods. The right fit will have you train more, with higher intensity, and better frequency.

How many different ways can we all say the same things? Each gym promotes the same stuff. We all want you to lose fat, build muscle, be healthier, and have more energy.

I can sell you a dozen different ideas. Most programs pull you in thinking you are going to get a FREE program or some huge savings. The truth is you will get charged money because we don’t pay the bills with goodwill. The amount varies from pitch to pitch. The closing rate will depend on how well they inspire or scare you. The actual success rate will be low because the programs are all designed for failure so the idea of “betting on yourself” becomes an impossibility to win. Better off going to AC and playing blackjack than believing you will lose that 20 pounds they promised you.

BoomBox Fitness by Killer B does not promise you anything beyond a schedule and instruction available for a fee. How can we guarantee anything? You have to show up and do the work. We are the platform that provides a method. You are the driving force to achieve your goals.

BoomBox is a partnership between you and us. This is why it works. We don’t promise things you are not prepared to achieve. We work together to set and achieve real goals. You do the work, you get the results. You don’t do the work, you fail and we lose you. It is in all of our interests to make this work. That is why the program gets results and people stay for more than 6 weeks.

If you are sick of the gimmicks, pressure tactics, and programs that want you to fail – come try us out. BoomBox Fitness, bridging the gap between fitness and boxing in Ocean Township since 1998.

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