Interested in training, where to begin?


You want to start training, what to do? You can go to the shiniest object and throw down some money, or you can do your homework to find the right fit. I would do my homework because money is money and it should always get you the biggest bang for your buck.

If you want to say you train at the same place as big names and take great selfies in a pretty gym, you have your options. But on the other hand, if you want to make real commitment to long term training success, do your homework!

Training is more about culture and style than it is associations. You can go associate with the biggest names in sports and have a really poor daily experience. You can also train with people that are not looking to achieve your goals. Why pay to give up your goals because somebody doesn’t share the same mission as you? It’s pointless. Names’ being associated with a team is nice, but may not filter down to you getting what you need. This may not be the case, but you need to spend some time figuring that out!

Everything we do should add value to our life and get us closer to the goals we have established for ourselves. Find a gym and team that lines up with you. They are not paying you, you are paying them. Don’t waste time and money, do your homework and find the situation that works for you. You don’t need big and shiny, you need effective and valuable.

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