All Kickboxing is not the same

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Kickboxing is not just Kickboxing. Kickboxing comes in many varieties and every school trains different. No matter what anyone tells you, every single in this world is different. Every instructor has their own personal touch that differentiates. So, when somebody tries to tell you “It’s all the same”, don’t believe them.

Kickboxing is a general term that defines arts that compete in a ring and allow different combinations of techniques with arms and legs. I say “arms and legs” because hands and feet are just 2 of the 4 weapons Kickboxing can employ.

The one that many know best is Muay Thai. This is the national sport of Thailand. It is Kickboxing infused with Thai traditions and culture. Muay Thai allows for punches, kicks, knees, elbows, and clinching. Attacks are allowed to the body, legs, and head. It is one fo the most challenging of striking sports due to the wide range of attacks allowed.

The Europeans took on the Thais back in the 70’s and 80’s. Out of this came a hybrid for of Muay Thai that is known as Dutch Kickboxing, or Thaiboxing. Competitively, we have International, K-1, and Glory rules for this art. You can punch, kick, and knee with limited clinching. No elbows are allowed and clinching can only be used as an offensive attack for up to 3 seconds.

American Kickboxing started back in the 70’s. This style of fighting is not very popular and only has a small minority of Kickboxers still practicing it today. This form of competition only allows punches and kicks with hands and feet, targeted only above the waist. It was big back in the 80’s but died off when K-1 became popular in the late 90’s.

At Killer B Combat Sports Academy, we train in a more Dutch style and compete in Muay Thai, International, K-1, and Glory rules bouts. Our roots are more K-1 than anything due to our head instructor’s years of involvement with K-1 in the early 2000’s. The main point of training at Killer B is effective application. We are not immersed in Thai culture enough to associate with Muay Thai primarily. Our goal is to train effective and compete to win no matter the rule set.

The best way to figure out what style suits you best is to train. Try out a good Muay Thai based program and try out a hybrid like Killer B. Ultimately the gym culture and community is going to be the deciding factor. If you don’t find a place where your goals align with their mission and methods, you will never last. Your success and longevity will be more determined by the people you surround yourself with than the big picture style that peaks your interest in the 1st place.

Killer B Combat Sports Academy has been producing high level athletes and servicing the Ocean Township area with safe plus effective training since 1998. If you are looking for a gym that has proven longevity and proven results, we are a place for you to check out. No matter where your starting point is, we have a spot for you. Basically, experience or not is never an issue.

Want to see what the difference is, try Killer B Combat Sport Academy’s Kickboxing program!

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