DeAnna Bennett - Invicta FC, Sep 6th


What do you do when you know you won your last fight but the judges went the other way? You get pissed off and head back to the gym. DeAnna Bennett did just that after her last outing where she came up short on a split decision nobody understood? Coming up short cost her a title shot, she clearly earned and deserves. But now what? An 8 woman, 1 night tournament is what!

Invicta FC is holding a 1 night, 8 women, tournament. DeAnna is ready to head back to KC and show Invicta who the Boss Lady at 125 really is. 3 fights in 1 night is not a problem. DeAnna has cardio for days and an iron will she will unleash on this event.

Do not miss the action on Sep 6th, live on Fightpass. DeAnna is coming and she is not letting anyone stop her from what is hers.

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Brian M WrightComment