Karl Roberson UFC Fight Night 143


UFC Fight Night 143, Brooklyn, NY, Jan 19th, 2019 - Killer B athlete, Karl Roberson accepted a fight with top 10 Light Heavyweight, Glover Teixiera, on only 7 days notice! Besides taking on a top 10 fighter, it was a weight class up at 205, instead of Karl’s normal weight of 185. If you know Karl and Killer B, you know why he said yes. Always ready and never afraid of a challenge!

It was a furious but short battle! Karl landed a punch which forced Glover to shoot. Rarely do we find anyone willing to stand and trade after taking a shot from Karl. Up against the fence, Karl landed multiple elbows to Glover’s head which put him down. Karl followed to mount where he landed more shots.

Glover tried to bump and roll. Karl tried to post up but his arm collapsed due to damage from landing elbows. Karl sprained his triceps tendon and crushed his bursa in the elbow. Without his arm, Karl got reversed, and Glover methodically worked for a head and arm choke.

Karl lost a fast and violent bout with one of the world’s best, on the biggest stage in MMA. Not the result we wanted, but it is the 1 we will have to live with. On to the next fight!

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