Shawn Teed fights tonight!


Here we go again. Dana White’s Contender Series Season 2. Can lightning strike twice? We will know tonight. Shawn Teed is in the same spot Karl Roberson was in 1 year ago. Stepping into the TUF Training Center in front of a few dozen people live and 100’s of thousands online. It is the smallest crowd you ever fight in front of live with the biggest opportunity to date. It is a total mind F*ck!

They call you out and you walk past Dana White. Sometimes they have a celebrity or 2 in the front. You here a few voices cheering you on but it is super quiet compared to what you are used to. The octagon is loud. You hear every floorboard like it is a gym day back home. They bring you to the center and the fight bell rings. There is no noise, there is nothing but you, your coaches, and another person fighting for everything they ever wanted in this sport.

The pressure is tremendous but it is one of the most raw and beautiful experiences I have ever been involved with in Combat Sports. Your future is always in your own hands, but today it is a real tangible thing. You fight, you win, and you do it in a memorable way - you may get that life changing contract. Fight and win a snoozefest, you back to the regional circuit. This is your shot. How are you going to take it?

Final thoughts; Teed has made big improvements in his game. Better footwork, better conditioning, more prepared for the stand up fight, refined MMA ground game… Teed can win this fight in many ways where his opponent can only do it 1, maybe 2 ways. Juan Adams 1 or 2 ways are pretty strong ways, so he is dangerous if allowed to do his thing. Juan is big, not sure how strong, and not sure if he has enough gas to go beyond a round.

Who wins the positioning battle and transitions wins the fight. Both men have specific ways to finish that they need to set up certain ways. The winner is the man who gets their position 1st and can maintain it. Both guys are big and throw hard so any strike landed can end it quick.

See you on the other side!

Brian Wright

Killer B Combat Sport Academy