The simple skill that creates foundations for success


Fighting ain’t easy. If it was, there would be many more people doing it.

Here is the thing about fighting; once you get past the fear factor and actual get involved in Combat Sports, the challenge is enduring, not punishing. If you cannot endure a daily dose of pain due to effort, you will never have a chance to get to the technically proficient aspect of this business. Anyone can learn techniques, but only those willing to pay the price will ever be able to employ these techniques under pressure.

Now that I have scared away half the audience, there is nothing to fear. The pain we face in the gym is the same pain we face when doing anything for long durations. You ride the treadmill long enough, it hurts. You do anything long enough, it hurts. We pick our pain. The pain that satisfies is the one we stick with day in and day out. For me, and many others, the pain we choose to endure is Combat Sports.

Once you accept the pain and find satisfaction in your efforts, you have a foundation to build something. You have a foundation where technique can be learned and maintained. You have a chance to be a Combat Sport athlete. Everyone can do anything but they have to choose to do it.

If you have quit in you, it is hard to be a champion. You may win, but you are going to lose if you have quit in you. Without quit, winning is hard enough. If you are a person that look for a way out instead of a way to win, you will not where the belt made for the champ. If you have quit in you, you won’t get the things you dream of. All goals require that we are relentless.

I am using some bold language to describe my world view here. We can fake it and act as if success is easy, or we can accept the challenge of champions. We can accept that it will be hard, it will take time, it will hurt a bit, but it will all be worth it because we will make dreams a reality.

This is why we train. All the above is what we figure out on that mat. We push each other, challenge ourselves, and find success on and off the at because we are people that endure. While some choose to accept mediocrity, we fight to rise above.

Fighting ain’t easy, but it is worth it when your dream matters. Anyone who tries to discourage you from going after yours, never went after theirs. We are a tribe of dreamers that choose to build pathways to reality.

Come see us if you are prepared to endure or need help figuring out how to. We were all once in your position. We get it. See you soon.

Brian Wright

Killer B Combat Sports Academy - Oakhurst, NJ