The essential ingredient

Patience, we all need it. Rare is anyone ever good the 1st try. It is not possible to get lasting results quickly. The process of lasting change is slow, you need to be prepared for the long journey.

When did you go to the gym fat and come home skinny? When did you eat “clean” for a meal and lose all your fat or put on muscle? The answer is never to both. Why? You want it right now! Can’t you buy it? Can’t you complain until it just magically happens? Nope.

If you want to drop or gain weight, get good at a technical skill, or simply change a behavior - it requires patience and consistency. You can’t get around it, these things take time and work. You don’t have to be perfect, but you do have to be consistent and you will have to do the work.

The world is filled with people trying to tell you I am wrong. They will sell you products that defy science and prove I am totally full of it…. Not really. What is being sold is a lie built to trigger your fears and to prey on your insecurities. Sorry, but you are insecure when faced with programmatic advertising designed to attack our common weaknesses. You are fighting billions of dollars in advertising, of course it is hard to resist. It is so easy to believe the BS, but it is BS which is not not deserving of your time or money.

You can’t change your life in 6 weeks. BUT, you can change your life right now. All you have to do is commit to stop believing the BS and start walking a different path. Accept that you need to be patient and you need to be consistent. Now you have made a change that has a high chance of sticking over time.

Gaining more than a pound of muscle a month is not possible without help from things that are not good for you.

Losing more than a pound a week is not sustainable weight loss. Rapid weight loss actually leads to rapid and unstoppable weight gain. Yes, rapid weight loss will screw you up in ways you can’t recover. The Biggest Loser is you when you buy into the hype around 6 week crash programs.

Find the lifestyle you can enjoy and maintain. Understand the limitations and advantages of being in this lifestyle. Have patience with the progress and know that real lasting change takes time.

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