3 weeks, 3 fights, 3 wins, 3 titles

It has been a wild few weeks with 3 shows, 3 fights, 3 wins, and 3 titles. 1 defense and 2 new champs.


Phil Caracappa started it off by defending his belt at Ring of Combat in Atlantic City.

Stephen Regman won the Shogun Fights belt at National Harbor in Maryland.

Matt Caracappa won the Dead Serious belt in Atlantic City.


We are all very proud of these men who put in the work and executed with championship performances. Fights are fought in the cage but won in the gym.


Combat Sports is a hard business. Runs like we are having happen and we have to celebrate while staying humble and analytical. Over time you see the wins but you also take some losses. Thru it all we have to keep training hard and evolving the process. We have momentum, how far can we take it?

Brian Wright

Killer B Combat Sports Academy