Be your daily best

Simple concept “Be your daily best!”

What does this actually mean? It means what you want it to mean. Nobody can tell you who you are, or defne what your best is. Anyone who acts as if, is manipulating you because nobody knows you as well as you do. People can recognize potential, but the practical understanding and application is truly individual.

The core value of training with me and the rest of the team at Killer B Combat Sports is - Be you daily best. As I stated above, I cannot define this for you. The only thing I can do is use the mediums I have to give you the strength you need to be your daily best.

I can show you lots of things, and I can make you proficient at these things. My recognition of your proficiency is nice, but it is your understanding of yourself that defines you. My praises are simply recognition, while your understanding is what defines the level you are operating at each day. Being rated 100 on my scale may be 10 on yours.

The value of training is the practical understanding we attain of ourselves. We learn thru challenge who and what we are. This is where the strength is forged and ready for us to apply in our daily lives. Our training is not the end results, it is the beginning of our next step.

To be our daily best, we need to understand what that means for us individually. We train as a group because it has been found to be the most effective way to train. We all do the same things, but the results will vary and the application will be unique to each of us. The training is the same, the arena in which each of us fights will be unique.

We are all fighters, some with our fists in rings and cages, but all of us with all of our tools in all the ways we need to achieve results each day, within our own definitions of being our daily best.

Brian Wright