Stop blaming numbers

Killer B Athlete, Karl Roberson after his victory at MSG, UFC 230

Killer B Athlete, Karl Roberson after his victory at MSG, UFC 230

I need you to cut the $hit. Stop treating time like it is a bully making your life so hard. 2018, or any year, did nothing to you. The judgement is yours to own. Time comes with things for you to respond to. You made your choices and the results are yours to own.

Sure, years come with different challenges, but the way you respond is always your choice. Your responses to experience are what make it “good” or “bad”. It has been you all along and will remain you for as long as you take a breath.

New Year, New You is bull$hit. Resolutions don’t last. Nothing changes until you do. Changing is hard. This is why we don’t talk about real change; we focus on time and the magical idea that next year will be better. The only way to change is to change. This requires we change how we view the world, how we respond to the world, and the way in which we believe in ourselves. 

That “new” shiny object that will solve all your problems is only going to take your money. The weight will come back, you will start getting up later again, the drinks will flow, the fast food will be eaten again… everything will go back to how we have been living over time, unless we make fundamental changes. You need to understand things to change them. You need to know why you have made the choices you have and why you want this new idea to be the new you.

Without purpose we just do and collect things that do not add up to anything specific. If we do not know “why”, no “what” we collect will have value.

Don’t be sold, find out where and how you can be actually educated. Don’t give money where there is no education and understanding to go along with the effort.

2019 will be much more of the same until you own your choices and figure out why you have operated as you have, why you want to change, and what you want that change to be.

My name is Brian Wright. My gym is Killer B Combat Sports Academy. Myself and the community that is Killer B are here with the knowledge base, skills, and opportunity to create lasting change. I am not here to sell you, I am here to offer you an opportunity. Try us out and see for yourself that my words are true and the opportunity is real.

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