So, you want to be fighter.....

Yesterday was an interesting day. I talked to some athletes I have worked with in the past but haven’t talked to in a while, plus I had some aspiring guys come to me in the gym. They all said the same thing, they see the relationship I have with Karl Roberson and how we work, they want that for themselves. Before Karl it was Mike, it was Jay, it was Maria, it was Kelly, it was Mish, it was Jaff, it was Alex, it was Chris…. so many people have come thru our programs and represented us on big stages.


Karl and I don’t have to say much. We have done enough rounds to read the situation and to know what is expected of each other at any given moment. During fights we trust each other implicitly. Karl trusts what I see during a fight and I trust that he will respond to what I am telling him. We know that together we will win. This is not something that just happened. This is something forged in the gym through round after round of work.

To the uninitiated it may seem that Karl and I in particular, are just a natural fit or I have chosen him because of natural ability. Nope, in fact, Karl is a guy I hoped would stop showing up at one point. I recognised that Karl was athletic, hit hard, and abnormally fast for a guy his size, but I didn’t believe in him. I thought he was immature, had too much quit in him, and had a bad attitude for training with others. Karl never stopped showing up and I never stopped testing him. Over time we both got to understand each other more and eventually it clicked. That is how it tends to be.

As a 40 plus coach I can’t physically do the rounds I used to do. My body has a certain amount of rounds in me a day. I have to choose wisely who I work with - my elbows are shot, my back is bad, and I have this weird pain in my hip that won’t go away. This is the price of the profession. I hold pads better than I ever have, I just can’t do 30 rounds a day anymore. With the above said, don’t think I only work with the top tier. I will work with newbies as much as professionals. I value every level of development and appreciate that the future is dependant on beginners as much as advanced. It is just that I won’t work with those that take my physical situation for granted.

OK, so where am I going with this? Come to me and say you want to have a relationship with me as your coach like I have with Karl. Great, just recognize that my relationships are developed on the mat. I know my athletes intimately from the rounds we spend training, challenging, and competing on the road together. My skill is to know what you need based on the lessons I learn while working with you. Don’t expect to pay me to be close, don’t expect me to make a full-time commitment to a part-time mentality.

The rules of sparring dictate everything in life; you get what you give and you give what you get. Give me 100% and I will give you everything I have. Quit on yourself and I will not waste my time. Talk big and work little, I will relegate you to the sparring team until you either quit or stop talking and start working.

You want me to be your partner in this crazy ride that is a professional fighting career, then act accordingly. Show up early, stay late, train your ass off, give me everything you have, and help everyone in the room to get better. It would help if you didn’t talk about your perceived greatness, listened more than you spoke, and became a student of the game.

I don’t pick and choose who I work with based on natural ability. I work with those willing to pay the price and commit with the same passion I have. I have put in the same amount of time and effort with guys that have losing records as the ones with winning - it's because I work with those that work hard and believe in the dream. The bond I have with athletes is nothing more than a mutual commitment to a goal and way we both believe. You want what we have, shut your mouth, grab your gear, and get in the gym to prove your worth. Don’t think it’s about winning or money, those are things that come in time but it is always about the work and the passion for what you do.

If you really want it, your work will be recognized and I will come to you. Its what you do, not what you say that will determine your worth. 

Brian Wright

Killer B Combat Sports & Fitness Academy

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