Glory 27 Chicago Result

Karl Roberson made his Glory debut Feb 26th at Glory 27 in Chicago. The result was nowhere close to what we trained to accomplish, but the result is what it is. You have to take the good with the bad in this business. Glory is the highest level of Kickboxing on the planet, which means you are competing against people that you can't make any mistakes with. One misstep and you can find your rear on the canvas. Unfortunately, Karl slipped inside instead of out on a 1-2 punch combo from a very very big Dustin Jacoby, with less then 40 seconds on the clock Karl hit the canvas for the 1st time. It was a nasty punch that Karl did get up from but doesn't remember much after. Jacoby being a vet and knowing how to finish, jumped on Karl with a hard knee and finished the fight with a few seconds left in the final round.

Losing is hard to take no matter what level you are competing at. Karl Roberson has nothing to be upset about besides the number in the loss column. With 9 win and 6 loss record in Glory alone plus 15 MMA fights in the UFC, Bellator, WSOF, and CFFC - Dustin Jacoby is a true vet with huge big show and big fight experience. This was Karl's 8th fight ever between Kickboxing and MMA, with only 1 professional Kickboxing and 2 professional MMA. 

Karl represented his talent well fighting thru 1st time big show jitters and a huge opponent with great experience. he showed that Glory is where he belongs and we look forward to a motivated Karl coming back for some revenge with much less nerves and needed experience. 

Brian M WrightComment