I can't force you to read this

I can’t make anyone do anything they don’t want to do. This is the reality of being a coach/trainer/Sensei…. It is when a person makes the commitment for themselves that we can get to work. I can see potential, skill, ability, whatever - but it is the person I am working with that has to believe me, believe in themselves, and commit to doing the work. My number one job is to communicate in a way that will open one’s eyes to their possibility. I t is my job to figure out the riddle of unlocking someone’s belief in themselves.


There is no 1 way to getting thru to a person. Sometimes you have to be a hammer and other times you have to hold a person’s hand thru the process. Everyone is different and responds to different stimuli. Figuring out what is going to work for you is what I get paid for. If you are taking the same approach to everyone and not paying enough attention as to what your members need - you should not be a trainer or coach and you will never be real Sensei.

As a leader I am responsible for those that subscribe to my way. I have to constantly work on my teaching skills in order to develop my members ability to apply knowledge. This is why I get compensated. People don’t pay me to tell them stories about yesteryear or show of my skills. I get paid to teach effectively the skills that I advertised. I have to check my ego at the door as well as my members, and be the best teacher I can be.

Growing from a young and dumb athlete to a mature instructor has taught me that it is never about me - it is primarily about you with a big dose of us thrown in. My journey is important to put my current abilities into context, but it is what we do together today that defines everything.

If you are struggling, find a good teacher. The best will help you find the strength you have inside. The worst will allow you to hang out with them and bask in the glow of their greatness - which is never really that great or worth basking in. It is the responsibility of both to work together to define your motivation and to achieve an agreed upon goal so that both teacher and student find success.

So, If I am dropping the hammer or giving you hand to get up, I am doing what experience has taught me to best serve you.  

Brian Wright

Killer B Combat Sports & Fitness Academy

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