10 reasons to think differently - number 8 is surprising!

  1. Heart disease

  2. Cancer (malignant neoplasms)

  3. Chronic lower respiratory disease

  4. Accidents (unintentional injuries)

  5. Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases)

  6. Alzheimer's disease

  7. Diabetes (diabetes mellitus)

  8. Influenza and pneumonia

  9. Kidney disease (nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis)

  10. Suicide (intentional self-harm).

Look at the top 10 causes of death in men and women. Again, it points out the fear of rape, murder, robbery…. should be less than your fear of poor eating, lack of exercise, and stress.


We need to start looking at real world self defense as more than just arming ourselves against attackers. We need to start understanding that self defense starts with good decisions based on knowledge and training. We can defend ourselves from real threats by moving better, eating better, and dealing with our pressures better. The sad reality of #10 is that we can reduce suicide by just being better to one another.

The 1st step to change is commitment, followed by action. Find a community, work with a person who knows more than you as a mentor, and make a commitment that costs you something so you have some skin in the game.

You can float along acting as if everything is ok because you are doing what the majority does. This will make you a statistic. Be different, be extraordinary! Don't be a statistic and avoid common risks with some uncommon behavior.

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