The Top 5 Killers

Top 5 Killers of Women

#1 – Heart disease

#2 – Cancer

#3 – Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease

#4 – Stroke

#5 – Alzheimer’s

What do you not see above? I don’t see assault, battery, muggings, etc… So what am I saying? I am giving you data that can change the way we look at self defense. Instead of viewing self defense as kicking and punching, let’s come to grips with the reality that we need to defend ourselves with better daily choices more than we need to do anything.

I am not claiming to have the cure for cancer or Alzheimer’s, I can’t detect Strokes…. What I am providing is the opportunity to participate in a community that is dedicated to giving ourselves the best chance possible to combat poor decisions that can bring on many of the top killers of women. Thru daily training that moves us, challenges us, and improves our overall condition, we are practicing true self defense.

Shift your focus from defeating external threats, to creating the mental and physical strength to make better decisions.

Give yourself the physical strength and technical proficiency you deserve.

Protect the quality and longevity of your life.

Defend your entire life from all threats! Engage yourself and improve yourself to take on all challenges and dominate your existence!

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