Train with deadly seriousness

Ever hear the phrase “Train with deadly seriousness”? I am not training you to kill anyone. What we do is more about perfecting ourselves than anything. But we do train in Martial arts, martial as in combative arts and sports. Combative Arts are designed for combat effectiveness and Combat Sports are an extension of Combative Arts with rules and structure to allow people to go full out with a greater risk of losing one’s life than those arts being implemented on the battlefield. So, in short we train in ways that have a lineage of life ending techniques but in a modern more sport environment to promote a safer and healthier lifestyle.

Quick fact: Pinning in Judo as a finishing move is a throw back to the Samurai Battlefield tactics of old. Samurai would throw an enemy to the ground and pin them so they could draw a short sword or knife to finish them off. This is a perfect example of Combat Sport and its respect for lineage. 

OK, back to the main discussion of being deadly serious. Training is only safe as long as partners work together and communicate clearly. We train as a group. This dictates that we have structure and work together. If 1 person deviates, we run the risk of injury. So, when you are daydreaming or thinking you know what is coming and decide not to pay attention - you are running the risk of getting hurt or even worse, hurting somebody else unnecessarily.

It is your responsibility to understand the etiquette and flow of the class you are taking. It is also your responsibility to take care of your training partners. A group is only as strong as the weakest person on the mat. It is your job to elevate your partners and to be the bigger person when things are falling apart. Don’t be the jerk with the ego that can’t take a step back and ask for help. When its not working, stop, think, try again, and ask for direction if you are lost.

There are many etiquette systems for all different kinds of arts, they all have safety in common. You acknowledge the head of the class, respect people that have been training longer than you, acknowledge commands, and work hard towards a common goal. Its simple, don’t get all bent out of shape and think you are part of some dictatorial movement. You are trying to learn something, be a student.  

Train seriously, appreciate the seriousness of what you are doing, and have fun taking part in a tradition of excellence.

Brian Wright

Killer B Combat & Fitness Academy

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