Training properly into our 60's and beyond

This is for the, let’s say experienced people out there. I need you to be open to the info. I need you to accept that most info that is put out is bought and paid for by corporations. Your hour of cardio, low fat diet lifestyle is not getting you where you need to be to maximize your lifestyle as you age.


I wouldn’t trust me, so I am not asking you to take any of what I say as truth UNTIL you do the research. Drop what I am saying into your favorite search engine and look at all the data to support what I am telling you.

Low to medium impact for long duration work is being proven to be useless or even harmful as we age.

High impact, short duration training done in intervals is the way to go as we get older.

As we age, we lose longevity in our cardio, but we have the ability to gain strength into our 60’s. Why? Think about it for second. What do we need as we age? We need to be strong, have good bone density, balance, mental acuity…. Mind numbing, joint deteriorating, and boring cardio machine riding workouts doesn’t cut it. Basic heavy load lifts, balance challenging movements, explosive movements, and coordination challenging is the way to go if you want to stay heart healthy, bone dense, and mentally engaged.

In short, science is telling us to train intense with heavy weight loads combined with short burst explosive movements while decreasing medium and low impact for long duration cardio. This will give us what we need to thrive as we age. Stop being a hamster on a wheel and get a good program and coach to train you in a way that maximizes your potential as you age.

Brian Wright

Killer B Combat Sports & Fitness Academy

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