Make a choice

When you fall, so many will be there to console you? The true friend is the one that is there to kick you in the ass, not hold your hand and make losing OK. Being a champion is a choice. You must choose to endure. You must choose to not accept temporary defeat and wallow in misery with all the others that have learned to accept their short comings.

There is no pressure to become champ. It is a commitment. You decide you will go the distance or you decide to come up short. Not everyone will be champ, no matter what they do. Top spots are not reserved for the lucky few, it is reserved for those that have the physical ability, skill, plus mental fortitude, combined in a way that equals success.

I tell one of my fighters to go out and make people realize that this sport is not for them. It is time to go be a gym teacher, or whatever else you want to be. Not everyone who loses should hang it up. Those that accept defeat and find a way to make it ok will never be the best at anything. Those that take a loss and turn it into fuel, motivation, desire….. and channel it all back into their career, these people have a chance.

I am sitting in St Tropez in the south of France with one of my athletes, Karl Roberson. 10 days ago we were about to take a break before training for a fight in September. We got a text asking if we wanted to go to France and take on Jerome Lebanner in his retirement fight? Jerome, 105 fights with 80 wins, Lebanner….. Lebanner is a super heavyweight that’s has fought well over 250 lbs for most of his career. Karl fights at 185 but walks around close to 220. Karl is undefeated in 2 pro MMA fights.

We obviously accepted the fight, hopped on a plane, and are now in France 48 hour away from this historic bout. In conversation a point came up, we can either be a part of history or we can beat the odds and make history. We are not satisfied to be here. We are not ok with anything but victory. Winning is what we do and winning is the choice Karl makes time and time again. It is not a fight day commitment either. It is a daily commitment to a lifestyle that allows for him to smash guys with much more experience on short notice repeatedly.

Karl has the opportunity to be great. Not just here in France, but in his career overall. He has the same opportunity we all have. The key will be his ability stay the course and keep the passion for victory alive no matter what challenge he faces. This is what we all have each and every day; opportunity. Wallow in self-pity or reject consolation for more effort. To be great you have to prepare to go the distance.

We talk in terms of fighting because that is our business. These terms apply in all business and all lives. Don’t dismiss us as special because we fight. Accept that you and I plus everyone in this world is special. We all have a fight to train for and execute. Some will step into a cage and others a boardroom, operating room, onto a firetruck, into a police car, into the kitchen each and every day to care for your children….. We are all in a fight and we all have a daily opportunity to be great.

Brian Wright

Killer B Combat Sports and Fitness Academy

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