Don't you want to be great?

So we are in the “new world” of fitness; post body building and leg warmer aerobics. We are moving closer and closer to mainstream acceptance of the reality that hamster wheels don’t make us better. Due to the rise of Crossfit we have more people talking “functional” strength and fitness verse strictly physique…. all of this is good stuff but it also all not new or anything different. Fitness as a pop cultural experience will always shift its focus, repackage ideas that have been around since man started to move, and gyms will always be struggling to brainwash as many people as possible that their way is the latest greatest and best price going. I am no different. I am a martial arts and fitness facility owner. I need to sell my message as much as the next guy, and in most cases, with a smaller advertising budget.


I am not writing today just because I have something to say. I am writing because I have something to sell. I am selling you my view of fitness in an attempt to convert you to a client, member, and/or fan of my work. OK, I have exorcised the demons that make me feel guilty about constantly selling my ideas, but I do have a wife and child to take care of besides a conscience that I have to live with.


What is the point I have delayed to get to with 2 paragraphs? It is the idea that we are losing our functional best by getting wrapped up in the hype. The one trend I am attacking today is the concept of variation. I am not against varied motions but I am against the people that celebrate that their sessions will never be the same, always doing something different, never boring, blah, blah, blah…… What these people are telling us is that we will never be great. We will be good at lots of things, but due to a lack of disciplined focus on specific motions, we will never be great at any of them because we will only see them once in a while as we progress thru our incredibly long list of non-connected motions to prove a point that is really just a sales ploy…… Wow! That was a hell of a run on sentence.


Here is the deal. You have to slow down and really focus on what you are doing. You have to break it down and figure out how to do it best, longest, heaviest… if you ever want to be your absolute best. The best athletes do not do a dozen different sports well or train what has been deemed unnecessary by coaches that are highly qualified to make the determinations. LInebackers don’t run marathons, marathon runners don’t bodybuild, and bodybuilders don’t do much more then lift and eat…. It’s all about knowing what you want then training and eating for it.


If an athlete comes to train with me, I evaluate them appropriately to their sport. I set up sessions that will make them better at their sport. These are not regular people, these are people that make a living within a specific skill set. They are paying for specialised work.


I treat regular folk the same as athletes. Personal training clients give me a list of demands and I do my best to achieve them. My group classes are designed to cover the general basics - leaner, stronger, more flexible, abs, etc… look your best while developing a healthy lifestyle.


So what is the common denominator in all of my successes with professional athletes, weekend warriors, and white collar fitness heads? It is the foundation built thru repetitive motions. All fitness revolves around our ability to transport oxygen effectively to where it is needed, pushing, pulling, hinge motions, and squats. To think you have secrets to fitness that do not include the previous sentence, you are a fool or a thief. Fitness is simple and complicated at the same time. You have to hit the bases we just covered effectively thru progressive challenges that you appropriately fuel with a solid diet.


I have a structure to my training that has worked for everyone, and I mean everyone, that has consistently done the work and eaten appropriately. We have gotten the results because we develop skills and build each layer of achievement upon the one that preceded it. Building layer upon layer creates an unshakable foundation. If we just throw motions against the wall to see what sticks, we just sweat and eventually hurt ourselves.


What should you do with a real trainer? Elevate your heartrate, lift heavy objects, jump, sprint, get down on the floor and get back up….. it should be challenging, a little messy, and engaging.


OK, I have to get back to working with people and stop typing here. My message is simple; What I do works because it is focused and disciplined. Don’t take the class that is all mixed up because its fun if you really want to get results. Don’t accept anything anyone says as truth, including me, educate yourself with real sports science before you judge.


Back to work! Check back frequently because I drop knowledge from time to time :)


Brian Wright

Killer B Combat Sports and Fitness Academy - Oakhurst, NJ