Karl Roberson finds success at ROC 51

Ring of Combat 51 took place Friday June 5th at the Tropicana in Atlantic City, NJ. Killer B Combat Sports and Fitness Academy's, Karl Roberson, finally had his day in the cage after months of trying to secure an opponent. Chike Obi stepped in to take on Karl Roberson for 3 rounds at 4 minutes each in the 185 lb class. 

Karl dominated this fight with superior positioning and striking on the ground. After brief exchanges the fight went to the mat early in each round where Karl never let his opponent up for the remainder of the round. 

The saying goes "Hard works pays off!" In this case it rang true. This is MMA and Karl showed that he is dangerous everywhere an MMA fight may go - striking, wrestling, grappling..... he is prepared for it all. Karl put in the hours of work with the right people to round out his skills and get into elite condition. Great job by Karl and the team that prepared him for his successful pro debut!

Special thanks to Nick Catone and Mark Henry for letting Karl work with their teams. Cross-training with these people has been an invaluable asset for this camp.

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