Coach's Corner 06/30/2015 - Pray for Peace but Prepare for War

It is called Combat Sports right? This does imply some sort of conflict, confrontation, and some sort of battle. None of this is easy and is a true test of you technical, mental, and physical abilities. If your training does not work on all of this, it is not Combat Sport, it is simply exercise.

I have law enforcement and military personnel training at the Academy. Combat sports are important for these members because it helps train them to make decisions under duress. I have a student who wants to be a police officer, I really rattled his cage last night by not only tying him into a pretzel but mentally attacking him as well. I called him out on every poor decision he made and pushed him hard. It didn’t work out well for him. He couldn’t make decisions after about a minute and pretty much shut down.

I didn’t do this to be a dick and I didn’t just walk away leaving my student to feel like crap. We had a little mat chat and worked it thru as a team. The point was, if you are looking to get into a line of work where you will be carrying a gun, you have to have the ability to stay focused while under pressure, identify problems and solve them quickly. You can’t just pull your gun and start firing because you are under duress. You have to maintain control of the situation and make the proper tactical decisions.   

The above is where Combat Sports can help people that will be in real combat. You learn to learn combative skills, you get into the necessary physical condition to apply these skills, and you train live to ensure that you can really apply the skills in a combative situation. Preparation is everything. Hopefully my students will never have to pull their sidearms but if they do, I hope our training helps them come up with a peaceful solution.

Pray for peace but prepare for war.

Brian Wright

Killer B Combat Sports and Fitness Academy

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