Coach's Corner 06/19/2015

Everyone wants to crack somebody in the jaw or finish with a slick triangle… ok, not everyone but most of us that train in Combat Sports. It is really easy to get lost on the way to the finish because we lost sight of all those little things that make the finish possible. You have to pay attention to the details if you want to find success on or off the mat.

In grappling, you need control. You shouldn’t be able to just throw a move up and expect to finish. It all starts with a good position. You only give your opponent a few options to move and you have plans in place for all of them. When they move you put the plan into action and break them down until you are locked in breaking, putting to sleep, or letting them off the hook because they were smart and tapped out.

I always tell new guys to focus on the basic concepts. On bottom getting crushed - gotta get the weight off. This thought alone gets you thinking about the little things like underhooks, shrimping, etc… Now we can breath, so what is next? Hopefully a better position which will entail a possible sweep, a sit thru, getting up, etc…. Don’t sit and wait, fight to regain control thru better positioning and eliminating your opponent's options.

It’s always about strategy, a good understanding of the process, and having small goals that add up to victory. You can’t fixate on victory alone. It takes many many little battles to win the war. Every combo, position, counter…. are small battles. Stop bugging your coach about how to finish that choke when you can’t get off your back or stop from getting swept. You can’t free your leg in half-guard but you want to learn an inverted heel hook? Slow down speed racer and actually learn your craft.

Take your time, listen to your coach, learn basic principles, and drill drill drill! Live rolling or sparring without understanding solidified by drills leads to bad habits and piss poor results.

See you on the mat!

Brian Wright

Killer B Combat Sports and Fitness Academy