Coach's Corner - 5/22/2015

Hey Fitness @sshole - Shut The F&ck Up!

I am sick and tired of “Fitness Professionals” that use fancy words and complex motions that add drama to their moderate result based training systems. I had a guy renting space from me for a very short time that explained to me that his job as a trainer is to make workouts so complex that his clients would be afraid to workout without him? If he made the workouts too effective or straight forward, he ran the risk of losing them? Are you F&cking Kidding Me? After that conversation I gave the guy his money back and asked him to watch out so the door didn’t hit him in the ass too hard on the way out.

There is zero need for over complexity in training. There is zero need to fear losing clients because you got them the results they paid you for! If you do your job, the one people are paying you good hard earned money to do, you should have no fear because you can develop a long term relationship based on real results and earned trust. This is what the best coaches and trainers do. You put out solid programs, motivate your clients, and teach integrity so people actually get stronger and more fit.

If we can work together in a way that has you doing things you never thought possible, are you going to quit cause you got results? I think not. You won’t train with me for years because I am your buddy, you will train because we get what you want consistently. I make myself worth the investment and you reap the rewards of our training together.

I will never sell magic. I will always provide a platform to get results based on proven methods. We always strive to educate about how a body works and what is safe vs unsafe. I am not here to be your friend or guru. I am here to be the coach that gets you the results you want in a productive and safe environment.

There is no such thing as spot reduction.

Most supplements are a waste of time and money.

Pre-workout super pump jack you out of your mind crap does nothing but run the risk of a heart attack.

Riding a piece of equipment for hours a day is a monumental waste of time.

Weights won’t make you huge unless you eat to grow. Do the math - how can you get bigger if you are not eating more than you are using as fuel?

Low impact or low intensity is short for; I don’t like to sweat and I don’t want to get results.

Fitness is not that hard to figure out. Its all about fuel, work, and recovery. I am here to guide you thru the cesspool of nonsense that so called professionals are spewing out to confuse you and scare you into following them. There are no secrets beyond the reality that the guys selling secrets are full of $hit. Come in and get real about your training. Lets set some goals and crush them together.

Brian Wright

Killer B Combat Sports and Fitness Academy

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