Coach's Corner 05/21/2015

The hardest fight for me has been the next one after a successful outing. You would think success breeds total confidence and it can. But with every great success comes the pressure to do it again. This can crush you, inspire, you or make you lazy. I am not going to lie and say I have always responded well to winning. At times I lived off my past accomplishments and others I have been so scared of having to maintain that I couldn’t get started. This is all part of living a competitive life. I fought on a mat, in a ring, and in a cage - we all fight every single day but in our own ways in our own arenas.

Our continued success depends on our dedication to what created our initial success. The techniques and/or applications of our effort may change but the blueprint is the same. We need to be prepared mentally, physically, and even spiritually for whatever comes our way in the fight. This requires a deep understanding of ourselves, discovered through focused and consistent work.

Anyone can work hard or long. It doesn’t take much to sweat or fatigue our bodies. Champions are not made through hard work. Hard work is an essential component but the key is developing a greater understanding of our field of battle and knowing ourselves as thoroughly as possible in order to best apply our skills to achieve success. This takes experience and the guidance of people that have been there and done that already.

We cannot achieve anything on our own even close to what we can achieve with the guidance of those that have greater experience. Why re invent the lightbulb when you can go buy one at the store? Experience is there for us to learn from and improve upon. We all have to experience certain things for ourselves but we should do everything we can to improve upon a foundation already laid by those that came before us.

If you have a great success, why doubt your ability to do it again? Why ever doubt ourselves at all? If you did the work and properly prepared, you never have anything to fear. If you have worked long enough with the right people, you know what does and does not work for you. Do what works and have confidence in your experience.

Never let your past allow you to not train today. No matter how bad or how good your last result was, your next fight will require more or more of the same. Either way you have to put out to get out what you want. Your ego will tell you that you are the champ or a chump based on your last performance. Neither is true, you will are what you are right now and that person is a champ who works hard and listens, or you are a chump who is not putting in the time and thinks they know better then reality has shown to be true.

If you have the ability to do something well, you have the ability to do something well! Don’t doubt it. Stay in the fight and keep winning because winning is simply what you do.

Brian Wright

Killer B Combat Sports and Fitness Academy

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