Coach's Corner 5/12/2015


One of the biggest pitfalls in training is time served. After years of training we may get the idea that we know something. In truth, we do know things but we have to remain open to new ideas or better ways. This is what the Japanese call Shoshin, beginners mind. No matter how high your rank or how much time on the mat, act as if today is your 1st day and you are a white belt for life.

I believe in rank. I think ranking is an important organizational tool and a good marker to use to appreciate where you have come from and how far we still have to go. The key to a successful rank structure is a system that keeps skills current. Too many sit back on the perceived privileges of their rank instead of maintaining respect by maintaining skills.

All experienced people should work with new students. When done correctly, it is a reminder of where we come from and how vulnerable we once were. Respecting the process and appreciating the path has huge impact on our mentality, keeping us open minded and mindful of our actions.

Appreciate your rank and what it signifies, share your experience with people less than yourself, and never think you have reached the end because there are levels to this and they never stop rising.

Brian Wright

Killer B Combat Sports and Fitness Center

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