Coaches Corner 4/9/2015

Killer B Combat Sports and B Elite Strength and Conditioning, what does this mean to you? To the casual observer, I am pretty sure it means young, primarily men, doing painful and hard work while chomping on protein and watching UFC highlights. Or is that is just my pessimistic attitude about the local communities misunderstanding of what I do? I could be right and I could be wrong. All that matters really is the truth which I am about to share.

If you are reading this, you have some curiosity or need in your life that got you to this article. You most likely have a question inside that you are seeking the answer for. That is a safe statement because all of us have questions and the pursuit for answers never ends, that is just part of the human condition. I am no mystic and our place has no magical solutions. What we have is experience combined with goals that consistently achieves successful results.

I am going to give you the secret to all great success. No amount of work will matter and no amount of money will ever be able to buy it. The foundation to all great success is; your core beliefs must match your thoughts. Yes, success is that obvious and simple but only a small minority of humanity actually gets it. Most people walk around telling themselves amazing positive things but don’t truly believe it’s possible for them, so they stay stuck in misery with a smile on their face. Be honest, how much of what you want have you actually achieved? How much stuff have you accumulated but have never been deeply satisfied? How much lingering doubt haunts you and holds you back?

Hold on, you came to an MMA and Fitness website to find out about getting your six pack back and learning how to choke a dude out? Why are we talking about all this other “Stuff”? Truth is, when you strip away the initial motivation, the truth is that you want the better body and you want the skills to handle yourself in a combative situation or be the next champ because you have a base need to be better then what you have allowed yourself to be. You are looking for the way that will connect your dreams with reality. That is why we have to get the wiring right on the inside to achieve maximum success on the outside.

Throwing a punch or kick, drilling an arm bar, or lifting a weight are all opportunities to find out where you are at and keep you in check or elevate your understanding. These simple skills can be routine physical motions or they can be the very specific and fundamental tasks you use to bridge the gap between what you really believe and what your thoughts. Training is an opportunity to get a bare bones assessment of your strengths and weaknesses. Training is an opportunity to set goals and have a plan that will change the way you think, feel, and act, plus increase your chances for success in every aspect of your life.

You sick of that lingering doubt and lack of satisfaction no matter what you do or achieve? Let’s bridge the gap and get those beliefs in line with those thoughts, time to maximize your performance and find some real satisfaction through good work.

Brian Wright