A very Special Coach's Corner 4/24/2015

As a Sensei, Coach, Trainer…. you have to qualify what you define success with a student is. For me, success on the short term involves technique, performance, etc… but the true long term success is not found in the gym. If I do what I do well, members will have tools to find success way beyond the narrow field of Combat Sports or Fitness.

I started working with Jason Teitelbaum around the age of 16. He came into the dojo with a little experience and a lot of weight!  Jay’s starting weight is something we debate but it was close to 250 lbs and at under 5 ft 5, that was severely obese. 12 to 13 years later we still train together and Jay is nowhere near the weight he started.

Over our time training together, Jay has racked up an impressive Full Contact fighting record of 29 wins with 9 losses and around 19 KO’s that include a World Championship and other titles too numerous to mention. Jay had his 1st fight at 185 lbs and his last at 147 lbs. His weight loss, improved fitness, and elite level of skill is the greatest achievement of my career.

Forget about Jay’s competitive career, it is something quite remarkable but it is a temporary glory. The success I am most happy about is coming this weekend. Jay is getting married. I only want good things for my students and with Jay I hope to have been a part of the foundation that has lead him to the success he now has in life.

Champion, great! But even better, good job, strong family ties, continued training, and a partner to share his life with in his soon to be wife, Jess. I am proud to be associated with Jay as he has grown from a boy into a strong and successful man.

Never forget that what we do in the dojo/gym can and will lay the foundation for success outside of training in the real world. Win all the belts you want and break all the personal records you can, but make sure you someone to share your success with and a career to apply your strengths too. Champions are defined by what they do daily, not on one given night.

So to Jason and Jess we say Congratulations! and to our members, I am proud to say that Jason is an example for all of us to learn from.

Brian Wright

Killer B Combat Sports and Fitness Academy