Coaches Corner 4/13/2015

We have so many excuses ingrained in us it’s not even funny. We have major excuses like “I can’t” and minor ones like “realistic expectations”. If asked what do you want? Is your response direct and clear or is does it start with a stammer or stutter, followed by a well let me see? If you have any hesitation when asked what do you want? You are afraid or not clearly in touch with yourself to know.

I recommend that you clearly define what it is you want daily. When you wake up in the morning, remind yourself what it is you are fighting for. Only with a purpose can we achieve great things in life. When your purpose is clear, your decision making process becomes much more direct, and you become more aware of the ramifications of your decisions.

In training we can just train to train or we can train to achieve a goal. Training just to train creates a master of nothing. Training with a purpose creates a master in one’s craft. Drop the idea of random, and get very specific with what you do because that is how you achieve a goal.

As in all things it is best to do what you do with people of the same mindset and striving for the same goals. A mentor or coach to guide you and your peers is the ideal. Going it alone may be your only option at times but with a guide and a group you will always achieve more.

One the pitfalls we can run into as humans is comfort. You would be amazed at what you, me, and everyone else can accept as comfortable. I know people that have not taken great opportunities because a low paying insecure job that they know is more comfortable than risking change with a better job that comes with higher pay BUT is an unknown. It’s not about having dreams or aspirations. It’s about having the courage and strength to create opportunity, have the strength to shed your comfort zone, and to not fear the success you keep saying you want.

To be a fighter, you have to fight. To be a writer, you have to write. It’s all about walking the talk and living the dreams.

Drop the excuses. Drop the negative thoughts that keep trying to tell you how hard it will be or how unworthy you are. This acceptance of what you can’t needs to shift into intolerance for everything in your way. Gotta change the triggers! When opportunity comes, you have to respond with an affirmative action, not a negative acceptance of your comfort zone. Let go of the fear, and fight with a purpose for what it is you truly want.

What do you want? What you want is that thing that speaks to you when nobody is around and you have been quite for a while. It’s that thing you can’t get out of your mind when stuck in your comfortable rut. What you want may be scary as hell for you to admit but it’s something you can’t ignore.

Stop making excuses.

Find your purpose.

Embrace opportunity.

Stop fighting to maintain comfortable.

Surround yourself with people that won’t accept your excuses.

Find a mentor or coach.

Nobody is willing to fight for those who don’t fight for themselves. Get in the fight, it’s your life we are talking about! It’s the only thing you were truly given. Use it to earn everything you have ever dreamed of and to make a better situation for all you come in contact with.

Brian Wright

Killer B Combat Sports