You really can afford it

I get this quite a bit; “I can’t afford to train.” Sorry people but I gotta call BS on that. If you are working, making money above the poverty line, and not paying child support or alimony - you can afford to train.

How much does it cost to train at Killer B? Only $100 a month plus a 1x enrollment fee of $50. If you are doing combat sports, you will need gear which will run you from $100 to $300 depending on what programs you take. If you are doing S&C, you have no gear investment as long as you have good shoes for training.

All in all it is a rather low investment for a life altering commitment.

How is that $100 a month more affordable than you think?

Cut back on your alcohol consumption. If you are a fancy martini drinker, cut back one a week and you just saved close to $100! Drinking is not cheap and it is easy to save a $100 over a month by cutting back here and there.

Make dinner at home and bring your lunch to work. We are not talking about everyday. Cut out one meal out for lunch and dinner a week and you are sure to save that tuition.

Make your own brew. Don’t buy that expensive coffee drink you can make at home or poor at the work lunch room. I know certain people are spending upwards of $10 a day on coffee alone.

Those few ideas above alone can make training possible. Everything has a price and everything worth doing requires a commitment. If you really want to train you will find the way. What I proposed above combined with consistent training will be better for you anyway.

There is always an answer. You just have to be open enough to hear it and strong enough to do it!

See you on the mat!

Brian Wright

Killer B Combat Sports

B Elite S&C