Linking techniques to create combinations

Combos are moves that link together. Links don’t work if some are warped. They all fit perfectly to create a strong chain. If you are throwing another person, setting up a submission, or landing strikes - you have to link all the pieces in the chain to make the combo work.



A big issue for newbies all the way up the ranks is rushing things. People start throwing something and never set up the 1st thing or blow it, then they try and forge ahead wondering why it isn’t working? If you don’t finish 1, why should 2 work? It goes in order for a reason and you can’t avoid sound reasoning. You have to stick with the plan and get the job done as it was designed.


I get that not all, actually most combos don’t land clean or smooth but that doesn’t mean we can throw science out the window and just force what we want all the time. I do believe there is a time to force a hand besides always using skill. Knowing when to force vs skill is a skill in itself. That is some high level stuff that the best guys recognize without thought.


You have to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. In training terms, you have to train high level skills and combos but be prepared when they don’t work to do what it takes to take your opponent out. Yes, you have to be prepared to take your opponent out. We are talking Combat Sport not sport. You have to be prepared to go the distance and win if you are going to play.


To maximize your abilities train your combos with the full chain and also broken chain. be prepared for perfection and chaos by training varied scenarios. If you perfect your combos in time, you will land clean more times than not. This takes years of perfect practice and a strong enough mind to have the discipline good technique demands. When you are tired, throw clean. When you are getting beat up, keep throwing as you have been trained to throw. When that little negative voice is trying to make you doubt, stay the course.


Train hard, train smart, win fights :)


Brian Wright

Killer B Combat Sports and Fitness Academy


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