Not all gyms are the same

Everyone thinks all Martial Arts Schools and Fitness Centers are the same. Not true.


Yes, Killer B trains in arts you can find in other places; Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, MMA, and Boxing.

Yes, Killer B has a Fitness program and set up you can find similarly at other places.

Why are we different? It’s the results. It's the knowledge base. It's the unparalleled experience of owner and head trainer, Brian Wright. It’s the culture we have cultivated after over 30 years of development.

You can grab some gear, sweat with some nice people, and get modest results. It’s OK if that is what you simply want. Pay a modest fee and get mediocre training, or pay a ridiculous fee for mediocre training, if you just want to feel like you belong to something. The choice is always yours on how you spend your time and money plus the level of success you are looking to achieve.

Killer B is about optimal life performance. You can learn skills anywhere. At Killer B you will learn skills in a proven system that translates beyond the training room. We will push you, motivate, you and work to make sure you find what it is you need to be successful, not just here but in every aspect of your life.

When you have the ability to do one thing well, you now have the ability to do everything well. You need to recognize that and appreciate the crossover your abilities have. It is not just looking good and feeling good, it's performing exceptionally and being truly great at what you choose to do in all aspects of life.

If you have ever wanted to be better at being you, come see us. Killer B is a community of achievers that work together to stay on the path to greater things. We have a spot just for you when you are ready.

Don’t be scared of where you are. Be excited of where you can go if you just start on the path right now.

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