2015, wow!

2015, what can I say? I can actually say quite a bit! Jay got freaking married! Karl got to see the world, and everyone involved made big progress in the struggle. As a coach I had some major milestones with the above. I got to see a student I have worked with since his teen years get married to his perfect match and our team is now getting the international experience I was so fortunate to have as a young athlete. Being able to pass on my experience and share what I can to benefit this community is why I get up everyday and keep grinding.



The young guys get the spotlight for what they do in the rings and cages but it is the daily grinders that make Killer B what it is. The professional adults that fit training into their lives so they can keep doing what they do every day well. The Elite Fit crew does not compete, they do not need any special recognition to stay motivated, they simply show up and do their work, and smash every goal that is set before them.


Karl Roberson has grown into our team captain. He does the work, motivates the troops, and gives everything he has when he competes. This year he made history fighting Jerome Lebanner in France, won his pro MMA debut, and submitted a Collegiate National Champ in the 1st round of his second pro MMA fight… Karl defines what it means to be Killer B - hard work, technical proficiency, open mind, 100% effort, and teamwork.


The entire crew has rallied behind the guys in training. Everyone has played a large part in getting individuals ready for multiple events throughout the year. We have not won them all but we have never lost because nobody has quit striving and we have grown every step of the way. This is what it takes to be winners, this is what it takes to call yourself Killer B.


When the titles start collecting dust and the lights are no longer shining on you, all that remains is the memories, the work, and the relationships forged through mutual sacrifice. Appreciate every moment in the spotlight and train everyday knowing it will not last. Lets look back next year as we are doing this one, and see another great year of work, results, and the shared joy of victory!


Have a great holiday season and remember what matters most - it’s your dreams, your efforts, and your relationships.

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