Don’t make hard harder

Working on something you have never done before? OK, feel stupid? Good, you are supposed too. I don’t know too many that excel right off the bat in something like Martial Arts. I know guys that have been training for years that still struggle with new skills, concepts, ranges, etc… But isn’t that the point of all the work anyway? Through the struggle we find ourselves and in turn some peace in this chaotic mess we call life.



We can train to be champions but at the end we have to function more as people than we ever will as athletes. Martial Arts are a tool for us to maximize our lives. If we happen to win some titles along the way, even better or sometimes worse. Without proper grounding, titles can ruin us. Inflated egos that make us feel we float above the “ordinary person” can happen. Hopefully we don’t let the wins go to our head and we use them as markers along our path.

Why are you doing it? If you are filling a void, it will never be filled. Training is for us to enhance our lives not be our lives. I know that may sound weird to some but you have to realize that only a few of us use Martial Arts to make our living, and that is more about good business and teaching skills than anything. The challenge of training and perspective a good instructor will put training into will make you better overall. Just realize that you have more work to do if you want to be a complete human.

I am for sure a better Husband and Father due to the lessons Martial Arts has taught me. This has more to do with the communal interactions, discipline, and ability to suck it up to get jobs done more than fighting ability. Knowing I can protect myself and those I hold dear is a confidence builder but the knowledge that I can perform when times are tough allows me to have true confidence and the ability to take on challenges that will enhance my life. Without the training to push I may have said no to many things that have enriched my personal experience.

Feeling stupid is part of the process. Struggling is actually the point of the process. Overcoming is the lesson of every session every day. Embrace the suck of hard work and elevate yourself with a proper perspective in training. If you want to be a champ, be a champ. Just don’t fall into the hole that is thinking you are complete or know something because you have some shiny hardware.

Back to work!

Brian Wright

Killer B Combat Sports and Fitness Academy

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