Which one are you?

Are you a Ronin or a Samurai?


A Ronin is a masterless warrior. In Feudal Japan, Ronin would wonder looking for work because they had no master to serve.

Samurai literally means “to serve” and that is what Samurai did. They were warriors in service of their lords.

For me, a martial artist must serve something or someone. If you train just to train or serve your individual purpose, you are a wandering Ronin. If you have a purpose that goes beyond you and provides a benefit to your family and community, you are Samurai.

At Killer B we do not train individuals. We train people individually but with a greater purpose than just self improvement. We train to be our best so we can elevate those we interact with. Our strength developed through training develops into us being better people which in turn allows us to be better and more productive members of society.

Wandering alone looking for work or something to do may sound like a romantic concept. But in truth, it is a lonely existence that only works out well in movies. It is our ability to better ourselves and share that benefit with those we love and care for that makes the work worth the effort.

If you are successful in your work but find yourself reading this, you are in search of something more. Training can connect the gap between your life, your work, and your sense of self. No matter what position you are in, you can be better and you can achieve more.

Progress with a purpose, that is what we do. Samurai is what we are.

Brian Wright

Killer B Combat Sports and Fitness Academy

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