Invest Yourself, Not Just Your Money


If you are not going to take the time, don’t waste your money. Joining is just the start, you actually have to show up, and you have to work hard to make it all worth it. How many times have you dropped a big wad of cash on something you thought was the answer but never did anything of value with it? We all have been there.



You come to Killer B and join, now you have access to elite standards, systems, and support. We can’t do anything good for you if you don’t give us the opportunity. I can’t pull a Kreskin and magically transfer results or change. I need you on the mat and in the room to get things done and getting things done is how we get the change you want.


You have to start somewhere. I hope you choose us, but you don’t have to. Whatever you choose to invest the money in, also invest the time.


Brian Wright

Killer B Combat Sports & Fitness Academy

(732) 695-3222

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