I found the secret to success

I found the secrets to success! You ready for this life altering advice?



Work smart and work hard. Yes, it is that simple. Hard work is not enough. You have to make smart decisions based on experience and knowledge that you back up with hours and hours of hard work.


If you are not a tech guru or trust fund baby, you will have to work hard and hustle to make your fortune and leave a mark worth remembering. No title worth winning has been won without skill, effort, and will. If you want to be your best you have to put in the work.


Hard works beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard but talent that works hard crushes hard work that doesn’t have talent or skill. You can’t put in time or just be on a random grind. You need to set a goal, acquire knowledge, plus work your ass off. This is the formula for success. There is no automation to achieve victory in any endeavour. If you really want to be the best or just your best, you have to do the work.


There is no life hack for the health you want or the body you desire. You can’t hack your way to victory in a physical competition. You have to put in the smart time, fuel, recover, and do it over and over again.


If you really want more for yourself I need you to accept reality. You will have to put in time with people smarter than yourself and you will have to work hard. Can you accept that? Can you let go of the pipe dream that things will just happen? Can you get up from the computer, off the couch, leave work….. to invest your time and effort into something different? If you are ready, you need to go do it. Put your money where your mouth is and make an investment in you.




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