Don't get beat by life

The worst beating most of us take is simply life. You have motivation to get going before life gets in the way. Initiative is destroyed by life for too many of us daily. If you procrastinate on a dream it will always stay a dream. To get from day dreaming about better, to achieving more involves lots of spontaneous action!



How many times have you been inspired but fell short? How many times have you desired better enough to get fired up but in the end never get going because life gave us an easy out or made up an excuse for us?


Short story; In 2013, I was sitting at a wedding. A friend of my wife’s from high school got married. I was sitting at a table with all of her friends. The conversations were normal life conversations about food, fun, work, family, etc… I wasn’t ready to be there. I felt really out of place because I had some unfinished business in my heart. I finished my stuffed flounder then texted a promoter that I wanted a fight.


So, at 39 years of age with a newborn son at home, I posted on social media, started working with a promoter, and told all my training partners I was back for 1 night to slay the dragon inside. I made this as public as possible while the desire was red hot so I couldn’t back out without losing some serious “face”. This is how you jump on motivation and lock yourself in for a big change. I brought in everyone important in my life and as many people that may be following me online. I set a date, set a challenge, and made a public commitment.


I trained, I fought, I followed thru with what I set out to do, and I gave myself some needed peace, after walking around for a few years questioning if I could or should fight again. I am a better man after doing this. Life could have killed my dream but I refused to allow it and I am better for it.  


Not all of us need to go take a fight, some do. Most of us just need to follow through on after the initial spark that got us motivated starts to go out. Never forget the root of your inspiration. If you wanted something with a burning desire for even an instant, you need to take note of it and remember it when life starts numbing you again.


Need help getting started? Make a public proclamation. Enlist your family and friends to get on you if you don’t follow thru. Force yourself to do the things you have always wanted but allowed the excuses life is so good at providing win the day. You are better than your excuses, get up and do something!




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