You never know

Everyone trains or doesn’t for their own reasons. I had one person tell me they didn’t want to train in BJJ because they didn’t want to feel stupid. Another told me they want to train in everything they can because they have a weak heart and need to get healthy before they have a heart attack.


I hope this puts training into perspective. I don’t want to belittle your insecurities but they really are nothing when juxtaposed with life threatening issues. Some of us are training because we love it and others because they have too to stay alive. This makes me appreciate my passion and my relative health more. This makes me want to embrace the things I can do today because I never know if I can tomorrow or if there is even a tomorrow.

You never know what the person next to you is going thru. Maybe we should stop worry about feeling stupid and do the things we are fortunate enough to healthy enough to do. Maybe we should live to our fullest potential out of respect for those that have limited options due to physical realities?

Brian Wright

Killer B Combat Sports & Fitness Academy

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