I believe in you

I believe in you.

If you are in my gym/dojo/club/whatever you want to call it…. The above statement is true. To let you into the dojo is to let you into my house. To train you is to allow you in as part of my family.

To be a member of my family there are some rules.

  1. Respect the trust and belief I have placed in you

  2. Don’t lie to me

  3. Show up on time and respect that I have sacrifices to make as well to be there for you

  4. Respect those that came before you by doing what they say and trusting them to be your guide. You don’t have to understand today what in time you will learn to appreciate and learn from

  5. Give me everything you have and more. I will try to break you and you need to push hard enough to risk being broken. Only through this process will we find out what you are truly made of.

  6. Never quit. You tap if it’s going to break but besides that you keep going until I stop you or the referee steps in.

  7. No drugs, no PED’s, no excessive alcohol

  8. Listen, do what I ask, and know that I have your best interest at heart. I know more then you and I know what it takes to make you your best

  9. Treat me, the team, and the dojo the way you wish to be treated.

  10. Train, train, train…..

I am not asking for anything ridiculous. I am just letting you know that we are not a $19.99 a month health club. We are a group that trains in a way. We take care of each other and respect each other. If you subscribe to our way and believe, then you have a home. You want to do what you want, when you want, the way you want….. go somewhere else.

Too many proud people think that giving themselves up to a way is bad. In truth, giving up and trusting is the only way you will ever be true to you and really allow yourself to grow. All things in nature need nourishment and care to grow. We are nothing different. Alone we can grow but not as far or as strong as we can with guidance and proper nourishment of body, mind, and soul.

I will end as I began, I believe in you.

Brian Wright

Killer B

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