I am OK with being different

On the inside of my right arm is a kanji tattoo. It says “ichi go ichi ee” which means one moment one life. The philosophical interpretation is that every chance encounter can change your life. This reminds me to be open to the possibilities everything I encounter can open me up too. I put myself out there and things come back. I have to be open to see these things for what they are. If I wait to talk instead of listening, I can miss so much.


I had a newbie in the gym for S&C this morning. I asked him where he was at training wise and he said he did Crossfit a few times but its been about a month. This is not going to be a rant about how much better training at my gym is then Crossfit. After an hour of getting blasted in the Black Box at Killer B, newbie sat in a puddle of sweat and told me why he was cool with training with me vs what he was involved in at Crossfit.


Crossfit made newbie sweat and sore. He liked the random aspect of training vs bodybuilding mentality. He liked lots of things that Crossfit provided all except for 1 big issue; competition. He hates the clock, he hates the eye f*cking he gets from the guy next to him who needs to show off that he is faster, he hates the coaches pushing him to sign up for the next Games Qualifier, he hates the people that seem to have no jobs that Crossfit all day, everyday….. He just didn’t fit into what Crossfit is really selling.


I had to internally laugh because in a few sentences this guy summed up what has been in my mind about Crossfit but I couldn’t quite verbalize correctly. Its not that I don’t like Crossfit or what it does for so many people, it is that I am just not a Crossfit community kind of guy. I look at training differently and I am building a different kind of community.


So I have the Black Box at Killer B doing B Elite S&C. I have a big Rogue rack, medicine balls, jump boxes, kettle bells, Olympic lifting plates and bars……. we do look like your standard Crossfit Box. What makes us different? It is our philosophy and the culture we have organically created.


Eye f*ck one of my guys because you can out lift him and he will laugh because he can choke you out and knock your teeth down your throat. Most likely he won’t do it either because he is confident enough in his own skin to not care about you or what you think you can do better. What he will do is laugh at the personal weakness and insecurity that makes foolish people mean mug you over a push up or pull up. Weak people act tough, tough people just are.


The competition at Killer B is between you and you. Athletes are training to be prepared for a specific situation. Non-competitive athletes are training to simply be better. That is what we do. We train to be our best, not better than you. Our culture lets you know where you are in relation to where you were. You don’t have to beat a clock or anybody else to have a sense of accomplishment and confidence.


I want you to be healthy, strong, and in touch with who you are. You can do this with a group or on your own time. We provide the knowledge and the system that will challenge you to get the above. Meet me at 6 am or 6 pm and let me run you thru your paces or come in on your own to do the workout on the board. We don’t care how you like to train. We care that you train in our system and you train consistently.


Not all people are the same and we all need different kinds of motivation and stimulus. Go do Crossfit if that is what makes your day or come train with me. I really don’t care what you do as long as you are doing what works for you. I am not here to discourage anyone from training.


We have a philosophy, a system, and the knowledge to achieve specific goals. Our facility has group training times and times for you to do our thing on your own. You can subscribe to our way or you can do something else. We are all adults and free to decide for ourselves. I am not conforming to fit somebody else’s idea, I have my own ideas that have been proven to work over time with people from all walks of life.


Enough chatter - go train!


Brian Wright

Killer B Combat Sports and B Elite S&C

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