Winds of Change


When opportunity comes your way you have to take hold of it or risk losing it forever!

You may think I am nuts with what I am about to tell you BUT trust me it makes a world of sense.

Killer B Combat Sports is moving AND making some changes.

What! Moving again!

Yes, we are moving because we got an offer not to be refused.

Only a few doors south of where we are now on 35 - Bigger space, astro turf floor, MUCH larger mat, boxing ring, HEAVY BAGS are back, 24 ft Rogue rack, tires t flip, weights to lift, boxes to jump, kettlebells to swing, and more……

There is a twist to this. You have until next Wednesday, April 30th, to join before we close our doors to new members until June 1.

Join now and save some $$$$$ - no initiation fee and the last time to join with a month to month membership. Join today for as low as $50!

As of May 1st, Killer B is going private. We will no longer be a commercial club. Killer B will be a private training center with a specific protocol to join and to become a member.

For 1 rate all members will have:

24 hr access to the facility!

Full Access to the Fitness, Martial Arts, and Combat Sports scheduled classes*

Access to soon to be redesigned website that will allow you to communicate with trainers, set and track goals, and more….

*must complete 12 Week Intro Course or pass Intro Level exam to participate in programs

If you ever were thinking about getting involved, now is the time! Do not let opportunity pass you by. Success comes from action.

Want In?! email me today to make the commitment:

Become one of the Killer Elite!

Commitment – Community - Courage

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