It takes an internal drive to stay the course in training, life, whatever you choose to do for the long term. Is it my job as a Sensei, Coach, Teacher… to give YOU drive? Or, is it your own responsibility to stay motivated?

Karate is a dynamic art that requires a bit rigid formality at times and a more aggressive or free action at others. The system is designed to develop the practitioner a bit more holistically then pure combat sports tend to directly achieve. I think all things done hard enough end up in the same place but some are by individual commitment while an art like Karate is specifically designed to achieve this. Both structured and unstructured systems of combat or combat sport training will and do produce good and bad results. I guess this is what my rambling is leading too.

Train someone from early childhood thru their teen years and you will find motivation issues. Actually, train anyone long enough and you will find motivation issues. I can’t motivate you. WHAT?! You are the Sensei! You have to motivate! Nope, can’t do it. I can provide you with info but it is up to you to be motivated by it. It’s the old horse and water adage. I can push you but I can’t do for you. I can speak to you but you have to do what you will with my words.

Everything is our personal responsibility. Systems and styles provide a path. Instructors help guide you down the path. Ultimately, staying on the path is up to you. I will do everything I can to keep you on course but it will be your effort and motivation that does the work.

My job is to identify the desire or lack there of within the people on my mat. If they are hungry, I feed the fire. If they are just going through the motions, I try to offer a perspective that may change their focus and reignite something within. I am no guru, mind reader, whatever…. I am a Sensei, Coach Trainer, Instructor…. I will provide a system and I will do my best to help you connect with ideas that will keep the fire burning BUT again, the fire is really yours to light and maintain.

Nobody finds success alone. You will have to do the work but it is easier when you have leadership and fellowship to support the process.

Back to work!

Brian Wright

Killer B Combat Sports Academy

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