Why Karate?

Takemichikaikan Karate

What is Karate?

Karate is a martial art that has 2 distinct lineages, either you train in Okinawan or Japanese origin. We at Killer B study under a style that traces its roots back to Japan.

Takemichikaikan is a system of Karate taught in a Japanese format. Our system focuses on practical application of technique for self defense and self improvement.

What to expect?

1st things 1st is getting to understand some of the etiquette. Japanese Martial Arts have a certain level of formality to maintain a proper structure that provides a safe and thought out training program.

2nd, you will begin your training with instruction of basic empty hand techniques, than basic swordsmanship, and finally half-staff or jo.

3rd, once you show a proficiency in basic technique you will progress to an intro to sparring.

Once you get thru these 3 basic steps you are fully training in the Takemichikaikan way of Karate!

Is this for me?

Our program is for mature teens and adults. We do not teach children at this time and when we do it is completely separate from our Adult Programs.

Takemichikaikan is for everyone. Our goal is to enrich as many lives as possible thru dedicated training. No matter your physical condition or level of skill, Takemichikaikan has a place for you on our dojo floor!

Come try us out: Mon - Wed - Fri from 6:30 to 7:30 pm

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