Karl takes the Title at XCC!

Jorge Martinez and Karl Roberson were tapped to fight Saturday night at XCC in Philly. The State would not allow Jorge to fight due to incomplete paperwork. Jorge did everything he was supposed to but the State and/or his Dr did not submit the paperwork on time. Karl made weight at 205 and was notified that his bout would be for the vacant 205 lb title.


Karl was called out by Lex Ludlow, who Karl dispatched in 1 rd in their last bout. Both fighters were more prepared with lots of time between their last bout, Lex in fact had 2 victories since. Karl stayed active with Muay Thai bouts and hard sparring with elite fighters from the UFC and Bellator rosters.


We at Killer B felt that this fight would be much of the same if not worse for Ludlow. We have to give credit where credit is due. Lex came out hard and showed much improvement in his wrestling and conditioning.


Rd 1 was a close rd that we felt Ludlow took with his takedowns. Karl got up from every takedown and landed hard knees plus punches, but its MMA and takedowns score well.


Rd 2 was where Karl got his feet under him and started to really work. Karl dropped Lex with a cross and followed up with solid ground and pound. Lex scored a takedown but Karl reversed the position and went for an armbar from top as the rd ended. Clearly a winning round for Karl.


Rd 3 was more defensive wrestling from Karl which got him into dominant positions. Besides a blown throw that Lex capitalised on Karl won the rd.


This was no easy fight. Lex Ludlow showed vast improvement as well as Karl. This was a high level amateur bout worthy of a title. Karl won a unanimous judges decision and is now the XCC 205 Champ!

Congrats to both men.

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