No Fear of 4 Letter Words

We have what may be viewed as a crude phrase we have adopted; F@ck It. Say what you want, be offended if you must, but know that for a hard training gym/dojo that attacks goals and fights, its perfect.

Hard training is not nice. Hard training is in fact a dirty business. Don’t come to train in pretty gear you care about and hope to look cool in your Instagram Selfies. Come prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve a goal and be prepared to sweat, struggle, and suffer a bit. Your gear may stink, you may get chaulk all over things, things may tear, you will not be pretty….. its all in a days work when you are charging hard.

We all feel apprehension when faced with hard work. Hard work is scary. It is going to suck a bit. That is where F@ck it comes into play. When you want to be your best or the best, you have to say F@ck It! and go for it. It is a requirement of champions and successful people. While the average person tries to shore up their courage, the leaders are saying F@ck It and going for it.

Forget about political correct. Forget your feelings. You want to be your best, the best, and win at life…. you have to be able to say F@ck It! when others are worrying about offending, or are too busy coming up with excuses.

Winning comes with a price. It requires sacrifice. If you care to win more than you care to maintain or coast, say F@ck It and go for it.

Most people in this world follow along and never do more than is required. They accept what is given or allowed. If that is enough for you, stop reading and go back to your life, F@ck It is not for you. F@ck It is for the Lions not the Sheep.

When I pass, I want to go satisfied that I tried my hardest and said F@ck It instead of Follow It. Those of us that say F@ck it and go for it, are looking at life in its totality. We do not look at things that are right in front of our face. We see that when we look back we want to be proud of what we have done, what we have attempted, and what we have accomplished.

So forget your politically correct speech and your overprotective, easily offended self - for once in your life just say F@ck it! and go for it. You will not be sorry and you will be a better person for it.

Brian Wright

Killer B Combat Sports and Elite Strength & Conditioning

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